Our Expertise

Good training must be effective and accessible.

Effective instructional design is a science and an art that is constantly evolving. Connected to the academic world, Ticavie has the experience and the network of experts and researchers to find the best training strategy regardless of the type of learner or type of skill to acquire.

But what good is training to be effective if learners have difficulty accessing it ?!
The thousand and one possibilities offered by today’s Internet and the new information and communication technologies (mobility, interactivity, multimedia) help to make training available anywhere, anytime , just-in-time and just enough.

Whether for the creation or adaptation of existing training, we will ensure that your project benefits from the latest discoveries, pedagogical/andragogical and technological best practices.

Our Approach
Needs Analysis
On dresse ici le profil de vos apprenants et des cibles d'apprentissage. On identifie aussi le contenu à enseigner.
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Agile Design & Development
Ensuite on conçoit ensemble les activités en maximisant l'expérience d'apprentissage.
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Test, test, test
Du début à la fin, on valide si on est toujours bien aligné sur la cible d'apprentissage.
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